Are Fake Doctor Notes working?

Have you ever called out of work when you are not exactly unwell? Of course, let’s face the truth that we all had that one day on which we went faking our illness. So, when asked about how people manage to get those fake leaves, their answer was nothing other than fake doctor note.

The demand for it is highly increasing and to complete this demand, various websites are ready to offer authentic-looking doctor notes. They look so real that it is hard to recognize the truth behind it and you can easily get a leave. What makes it so preferable is that employers hardly look for core details if it is a severe health issue.

On the other hand, the online websites are offering fabricated doctor notes for pregnancy, emergency room visits, as well as other serious illness. When asked to some college students, the statistics came out to be:
– Students at least use these fake notes for 9 times in their college life. And, the fun part was, they were never caught really.
– For employees it was a very common happening.
However, these fake notes were majorly for small issues like one day leave or an emergency where they have to rush to a friend’s engagement.

So, why they go for that notes?
The ultimate reason behind these steps was nothing other than saving themselves from the complexity of getting a leave. Some of the employees even said that if they were able to get the leaves easily, they would have never taken such step. According to them for just one day leave, they have to give a higher payoff and even the complexity related to it is unlimited.

Blame it on the strict rules of organization and the hefty prices charged by the doctors. While the employers hate this new fake system as the increasing rate of absenteeism costs them a lot, it is working as a boon for the employees.

The Crux is
Employees nowadays are fooling the employers with these easily available fake notes. However, the argument completely depends on personal views and how genuine it appears to the employees and students around the world.

One can even blame the easy availability of them for this condition. On a better side, these notes don’t work for criminal purposes as the rules in such cases are stricter than that of a small organization or school.

Unfortunately, if someone gets caught with such doing, he or she is liable for identity theft, theft of time or any other associated actions. While these websites offer it in just $20, the liability can be more than $2500 that is really a big amount for skipping just a day of work. Not just this, there is also a provision for the imprisonment of more than 6 years.

Yet, most of the people who take these steps are not aware of the dire consequences and that is what proves to be fatal for them.