What’s Fake Doctor’s Note?

Let’s face it; you all have that one day in a year where you are really not willing to go to work. Unfortunately, the job constraints are so strict that the likes, dislikes, and mood of the employees can never be a serious consideration for employers. Resulting from this situation, there comes the urge of grabbing that one day of luxury that is technically known as absenteeism.

For the companies, it may sound worrisome, but for thousands of employees out there, it is that one day, when they spend their life just the way they want it to be. To help them have a day of fun and rest, there came a way known as – Fake Doctor’s Note. With the rising cost of health care and almost killing rules of the companies, more and more people are seeking for fake notes. Of course, they are cheaper and it is almost impossible to differentiate between the real and fake prescriptions.

Logically, the fake notes are even sought for true medical reasons. When it is about a minor illness like a cough and cold, the employees don’t want to pay heavy medical costs and that is when they turn out for that note.

So, what are these fake notes, let’s look into it more closely:

Some people might consider it to be illegal, but let’s tell you that its legal values are decided depending upon the situation. And, this may vary with the major elements, it has on the sheet:

Contact Information
To start with, there is the contact information on the top of the note. This includes the name of the doctor, their address, and even the phone number. That means your doctor can even be reached at any time of the day.

Date and Time
This is one of the most important mentions on the doctors note. The date is actually of the day when you excused from work. To show that you visited the doctor out of illness, you must show the exact day when you were absent.

Name of the patient
Name of the patient that will be you should be there on the fake note. Like the doctor’s information, you don’t have to mention anything other than your name as it will be the violation of laws of privacy.

There are conditions when employees are really sick and go for a fake note just to cut on the hefty medical costs. In such cases, your fake notes should have all the limitations that you will need to follow in a few days. It can be anything like not lifting weights or wearing the prescribed shoes or limiting the time of walk or standing during the job. While you create the list of limitations, make sure you are sounding reasonable enough as anything written by a doctor is considered legitimate and you will not like to mess around with it.

The bottom line is – This is no-brainer, all you have is a note without really going to the doctor.