Why People Should Not Use Fake Doctor’s Note

Every luxury has its positive and negative sides and the same goes with a fake doctor’s note. Just like its lucrative face, it has an evil face too, and we consider it our responsibility to warn you about it in advance. If it’s used wisely can help you bag sick leaves, but with a little ignorance, it can raise real problems too.

This is not something people intend to get into; rather they get carried away by just looking at its positive sides. The first thing you need to keep in mind is – the document that you are going to use for that one day fun is somewhat “illegal” and messing around with it can trap you into real troubles.
A note from doctor is called fake when it is not really issued by a qualified practitioner. Most of the time people use it for getting a leave from work or school. It is more of a way that informs the employers and teachers of your medical condition. Ultimately, you are given a few days off to recover from whatever illness you have.

Consequences Related to notes
In case you got caught with it, the penalty can be ethical up to a great extent. However, that note when discovered can even lead to dismissal, suspension, pay cut, and various severe punishments. In the extreme cases, you can even get prosecuted for deception and forgery.
Eventually, you will be heading towards serious troubles like imprisonment and heavy fines. The punishment may vary depending on your deed as well as from organizations to organizations (but you will have to pay for sure). So, it is very important for you to acknowledge the consequences related to your doings.
All you need to know is where and how to use these fake notes. If used on the lower level of hierarchy and for just a few days of leave, you won’t have to pay any price. However, if you use these notes for highly sensitive occasions like court hearing and government jobs, then you may get into a real pit.
The usual reason behind getting a fake note is – not being able to obtain the doctors note due to high medical costs and increased complexity. Some other major reasons behind such unethical action is – the lack of time and the complexity involved in obtaining the best note that too with desired limitations.

Why People Get Caught?
The devil of the fake note is in the details and this is the only thing that can uncover your secret. Lack of professional quality makes it easier for the employers and school officials recognize the truth behind your leaves.

Fortunately, you can grab yourself an authenticate doctor’s note. There are websites online that can let you have your leave without being caught actually. Online templates available at them are so genuine that it is almost impossible to reveal the truth behind it.